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the URBAN repertoire

Season 2023-2024 

We try different styles and genres. This season we want to prepare 5-7 songs of the ethnic genres, pop ballads, spiritual songs, sports anthems, and jazz.

We prepare our repertoire, create scenarios for our special concerts in December 2023 and in May 2024 

The repertoire below is represented by the original songs. Let's see what our version will look like!

Rehearsal calendar

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In order not to miss the start of rehearsals,

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the Urban repertoire

"Don't you worry 'bour a thing" by  Stevie Wonder

"Champions" by Jo Su Mi

"Glitter and Gold" by Barns Courtney

"Carol of the bells" by Mykola Leontovich

"You don't walk alone" by  Elaine Hagenberg

"Bullerengue" by  Jorge Artel 

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