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We will keep working online during the pandemic just like many choirs in the world. Once the pandemic is over, we will do rehearsals face-to-face in Istanbul, Turkey, but we will keep including choristers from other cities online.

the URBAN mission

We are here to express our love for choral singing.

We are creating a safe community where everyone can enjoy choir singing, regardless of skill or level. 

We respect our diversities,  improving our vocal technique.

We pay extreme attention to teamwork.

We are waiting for everyone from 18 to 120 years old :)

You can ask us any questions here:

the URBAN repertoire

We try different styles and genres. This season we want to prepare 5-7 songs of ethno genre, pop ballads, spiritual songs, sports anthems and jazz.


You can find out more about what is planned for the new season here:  

the URBAN family

To start singing in our choir, fill out the form by clicking on the button below.

There are 2 conditions for participation in the season 2023-2024 

1)to be able to intonate clear and

2) to have a wish to sing in a choir

Our conductor will contact you and invite you to audition. At the audition, it will be enough for you to sing one song, answer a few of our questions, and ask your own :)

Sheet Music Over Piano

A word from the conductor

Hello, dear choral singing fans!


We are glad to meet you in the new season 2023-2024. It doesn't matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, have been singing in a choir all your life, or decided to try singing for the first time.  Our doors are open for you!

We are here because we love the art of choral singing: it unites people, gives positive energy, and discovers new opportunities.

We are located in the Greek Cultural Center on 30A Yusuf Khos Hodjib street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 


My name is Ksenia Dilek. 

Welcome to the Urban Choir!

the URBAN repertoire

our repertoire for the 2023-2024 season

Headphones and sheet music

Season 2023-2024 

1. "Don't you worry 'bout a thing",  Stevie Wonder 
2. "Champions",  Sumi Jo
3. "Glitter and Gold",   Barns Courtney
4. "Carol of the bellsMykola Leontovich
5. "You don't walk alone",  Elaine Hagenberg
6. "We were entering the village",  Russian folk song
7. "Bullerengue",  Jorge Artel 

Image by Joshua Hanson

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